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Krav Maga

Krav Maga ( Contact Combat) is a simple training methodology that is accessible to anyone.

The main purpose of the training is to develop the students’ self-defence ability to
a) react under pressure;
b) build self-confidence;
c) learn appropriate solutions to every situation;
d) improve situational awareness;
e) improve fitness which is critical components for self-defence.

The training adopted a systematic training methodology where the novice and beginner will learn the practical skills in a safe and none-competitive environment . The training environment inculcates the student to practice the skill without injuring each other. If the student injured during the training session then the training progression will be hampered. This defeat the purpose of learning self-defence.

At the same time the students will have the opportunity to experience how to learn and defense themselves from various disadvantage positions. The students will also learn how to employ self-defence effectively from a scenario based situation. The value of this training allow the students understand the importance mental and physical conditioning. The students will be taught simple and effective skills for self-defence.

The training are accessible to all students from various walks of life. There are no special prerequisites. Anyone can start a self-defence training regardless what career stage they are at now. Age has no barrier to learning the skill and knowledge needed for the self-defence.

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Jude Oh

Jude Oh


Monday 7pm - 8pm

Venue: 171B Thomson Road S(307622)



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