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Explosive kicks and punches firm up your muscle. You will feel toned, lose inches and get into a better shape! The combination of punch and kick movement improve body coordination, flexibility, body posture and balance. This is also a great cardiovascular exercise that strengthen your heart muscle and stamina.


Our proprietary programme that is specially designed for everybody, all fitness level to learn and master a street smart self-defence skill in a fun and short duration.


A martial art that is not only great in building physical strength, but it is also a great art to build mental strength, resilience and agility. The programme combined the principle of Tukkong Moosool (Special Forces Martial Art) and Jiujitsu, focus in building a solid foundation in ground defence. We have adult and kids class for 7-12 years old. Besides gaining the ability to defend themselves, this also helps the kids to build a strong positive character and focus.

fitness Kickboxing

Kick and Punch for a great workout!

Sweat it out and feel more energised…

the benefit
of fitness kickboxing

Body Shaping

Explosive kicks and punches firm up your muscle. You will feel toned, lose inches and get into a better shape

Burn Fat

Engaging both arms and legs for a full body workout. A great way to build your muscle mass and burn excess body fat

Agility & Flexibility

Improved flexibility in your body will reduce your chance of getting injured and pain during physical activity


Our limbs are our best body weapon. Practise to deliver powerful “strikes” to protect ourselves when in dangers


A great cardiovascular exercise that strengthen heart muscle and stamina. You will feel more energised after each session

Body Coordination

The combination of punch and kick movement improve body coordination. Plus it improves body posture and balance


wed 8pm- 9pm
fri 8pm - 9pm

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U-Elite Martial Fitness

survival instinct

Complacency and Ignorance risks your life. If you are trained and well-prepared, you are able to react to adverse situations more confidently and most importantly SAVE YOUR LIFE.

We believe that get prepared before we need it

Self-defence is a critical life-saving skill, protecting us from injuries and death. We can’t predict when we may encounter dangers, but we can get ourselves prepared, equip with the skills and knowledge to defend and protect ourselves when the worst happen.


What People Say

"The self-defence course not only taught me how to fight, but also taught me how to prevent being a victim and defend only when being attacked. In short, it is street-smart savvy techniques that are crafted for the normal "Jane"!"
"I have gained much more than protecting and defending myself from the course. I found confidence within myself to face my fears and to be able to remain calm and in control and also to discover insights of personal development!"
Oi Ee
"Zac and Shamaine are very professional and approachable throughout the whole course and imparted many useful tips and techniques. I really felt that the course has benefited me greatly and would strongly encourage all ladies to attend!"
Sim C.T.
"The instructor is friendly, approachable, well-trained and very knowledgeable. Techniques are simple and practical. I believe they will come handy in future. I feel more confident after attending this course!"
Jocelyn L.
"The self-defence course is very informative and useful. The techniques are easy to follow and the instructor is friendly and knowledgeable!"
"From this course, I learnt simple yet effective way to defend in unexpected situation. I will strongly recommend my friends to learn!"
Jennifer A.
"I found the self-defence course is very useful and practical. All ladies should learn and attend the Foundation course for their own awareness!"
Doris Y.
"The course is simple, interesting and straight to the point. It is really nice and I have never thought that self-defence course can be this interesting!"
Mariana W.

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martial arts background

Director of Korea World Tukkong Association in Singapore
Director of Korea Traditional Hapkido Federation in Singapore
Director of Cheong Kyum Association in Singapore
Singapore NCAP Theory Level 3 Certified Coach
Chief Self-Defence Instructor for Airlines & Government Agencies
7th Dan Black Belt in Tukkong Moosool (Special Forces Martial Art)
4th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido
4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo
Chanbara (padded weaponry) Certified Instructor
Sambo Certified Instructor
Well-trained in:
Special Forces Combat Tactics
Muay Thai
Krav Maga

principal COACH / founder

Master Zac Ryotan

Principal COACH / founder

A lifelong martial artist and teacher with over 20 years of experience. He is a fervid martial artist, who constantly exposes himself to different martial arts. He is the first and only Master in Singapore who is awarded the Master level as well as the Teaching Authority from Korea World Tukkong Association (KWTA). 

In 2010, Master Zac represented Singapore to attend the World Union of Kung Fu Associations General Assembly and Annual Congress in Iran. He has also been invited to give self-defence seminars in Asia. 

His belief

Master Zac believes that there is no one best martial art in the world, yet each has its own uniqueness. We must always be open-minded, ready to accept new style and new techniques.

Martial art is more than a skill for self protection and sport. It is a practice to train up our mind to be focused, a system to build up our body to be stronger and a way to purify our spirit to be in harmony with all being. Hence, one cannot be rigid. Our mind must be flexible in order to understand the concept and principle of the art, use our creativity to apply the techniques to our advantage.

Martial art training is a good mean for all to learn self-discipline, stay calm and be independent.

“An Art is a Form of Free Expression ……” 

Law enforcement experience


Shamaine Kok

Kickboxing, Self-Defence & Weight Management Coach


Soup Ang

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) & Self-Defence Coach

John Khaw

Kickboxing & Self-Defence Coach


Roy Ooi

Kickboxing & Self-Defence Coach


Oliver Tan

Weight Management Coach & Post Rehabilitation Specialist


Kelvin Lee

Kickboxing & Self-Defence Coach

Jude Oh

Krav Maga Coach




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