I hereby affirm that I have read and understand all the statements stated below:

1) I clearly understand that training conducted by U-Elite LLP (U.E.) will involve body contact, force and restrain. It will involve the risk of injury to myself or other students or guests, whether caused by myself or someone else. I understand and voluntarily agree this risk and agree that U.E. and their respective employees, officers and volunteers will not be held liable for any injury including, but not limited to personal, bodily or mental injury, economic loss, or any damage to myself or my guest resulting from participating in the training conducted by U.E. I agree to bear all responsibility for all liabilities or damages arising includes: any past, present or future physical, mental or psychological pain or injury whatsoever that may incur or receive;

2) I warrant that I have consulted with my physician prior to beginning any training programme, that I am mentally and physically fit to participate in the

3) I warrant that I am not in any form of medication or drug and is not involved in any illegal activities when accepting the training;

4) U.E. will not be held responsible for any lost of items happen in the premises / during the training. I am solely responsible for safekeeping my personal belongings/valuables; and

5) I agree that I will abide and adhere to the U.E. General Rules & Regulations as stated, at all times


All students from U-ELITE LLP (hereinafter called the “Company”) must adhere to these Rules & Regulations at all times. The Company reserves the right to de-register the students if one violates these Rules & Regulations or engagement in any unlawful act, Singapore.

1. Discipline:

1.1 Not to bring unauthorized outsiders into training centre;
1.2 Not to smoke in / within the training centre compound;
1.3 Not to remove any of the Company’s equipments out from the training centre;
1.4 To keep all personal belongings properly & neatly in the shelves provided;
1.5 No video recording in the training centre or during training is allowed;
1.6 No footwear into the training centre is allowed;
1.7 Changing of clothes are to be made in the toilet or changing corner;
1.8 Keep the training centre clean and safe at all times; and
1.9 Not to demonstrate / teach the skills taught by the Company to outsiders, unless permission (in black and white) is granted from the Company.

2. Misconduct:

2.1 Severe disciplinary action including immediate suspension / termination will be taken for the following
2.1.1 Fight, gamble, exhibit immoral, indecent, vulgar or hooligan behaviour within the training
2.1.2 Commit vandalism, littering, wilful destruction to the Company’s property
2.1.3 Show disrespect and insubordination to peers / seniors / instructors / masters of the Company;
2.1.4 Forge official documents or possess forged documents;
2.1.5 Show persistent non-compliance with the Company Rules & Regulations;
2.1.6 Misbehave during training & within the training centre; and
2.1.7 Use of foul language within the training centre.

The following misconduct will be reported and handled to police case:
2.2.1 Commit any crime and misconduct punishable by Law within or outside the training centre;
2.2.2 Any form of theft in the training centre;
2.2.3 Possession of dangerous and restricted weapons; and
2.2.4 Possession or consumption of drugs or alcohol or intoxicating substances (as defined by the Intoxicating Substances Act).

3. Payment:

3.1 All fees paid are non-refundable, unless activities are cancelled by the Company
3.2 The Company reserves the right to de-register the student if outstanding fees remained unpaid for 2 lessons;
3.3 Grading fees must be fully paid by student before attending the grading; and
3.4 Student is to settle any of his / her outstanding fees before the withdrawal / deferment.

4. Intellectual Property:

4.1 The company reserves the rights to use any photographs, videos and other materials taken during the training / demonstrations / other company-related events, for the purpose of exhibitions, publications, promotional activities, and any other company-related events.

* The Company reserves the right to modify the general rules & regulations from time to time without prior notice.
* Updated 23 Oct 2010
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