“With so many Martial Arts and various Fitness Programmes available, i struggled with choice when i initially walked through the door of U-Elite.”

I’ve always believed that both physical and mental strength go hand in hand and for my job i need both. Due to work commitments and an ever changing schedule, i really needed flexibility when arranging training. This proved to be no problem with the availability of Personal Coaching.

Over the years i have trained on and off in various gyms in the UK but always alone, always doing my own thing and never with a personal trainer. Seen as there were so many options available at U-Elite i decided to try something different this time and arranged for a course in Close Quarters Combat with their Principal Instructor Zackiee Ng.

The course contained a variety of physical training techniques aimed at honing the body both physically and mentally, allowing progress to the more tactical aspects of Self Defence and Close Quarters Combat training. I found this course to be practical, challenging and most of all enjoyable. Physically i have not felt this good for a long time. I’m now stronger, faster and more confident.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Street Defence regardless of your fitness level and age. The instructors are very experienced, approachable and more than happy to tailor the course to suit your level and ability. Thoroughly enjoyed every training session. Great Gym , fantastic people and very serious about their game.

Special thanks to Zackiee and Shamaine.

Ricky Marks
UK Sub Rescue Team

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