Defensive Survival Instinct

Self-Defence for Children (aged 6 to 12)

  • Create awareness of threats
  • Protection against falling
  • Defence against bullies
  • Increase self-discipline and confidence
  • Increase fitness and health

You should always regard your child’s safety as a priority, an average of one out of three children have encountered or suffered from some aspect of bullying or threats from strangers at some time in their lives. We can never take peace for granted. Our uniquely crafted Children’s Self-Defence Course for children aged 6 to 12 enhances your child’s awareness of threat through our fun and engaging course, which includes team effort and interactive games to develop the children into leaders.

Your child will learn how to defend against bullying in school and protection against common accidents without adult supervision. The children learn to excel in everything they do as they are moulded into leaders among their peers.

Each session will be sixty (60) minutes’ duration, filled with fun interactive techniques and games, especially catering for children aged 6 to 12, and includes rewards and certificate systems. Each session is limited to a maximum number of 10 students.

TIME: 10:30AM11:30AM, Sunday (includes a FREE Student Course Preparation HandBook)


Self-Defence for Teenage and Adults (aged 13 and above)

  • Pre-conflict management & precaution knowledge
  • Strikes and kicks
  • Takedown and escape
  • Defend against weapons
  • Using improvised weapon to save life
  • Escape from ground submission and pinning
  • Challenge your stamina and fitness to the maximum
  • Defensive tactics for common scenarios in daily life

Ignorance puts your life at risk. If you are trained and well-prepared, you will be able to react to adverse situations more confidently and most importantly you will have the skills to save your own life.

SELF-DEFENCE is a survival skill. The ideal situation is never to enter into a dangerous zone at the very beginning. If we do become a potential victim, stepping away from conflict or danger safely and unharmed is our aim. As such, precaution is at the core of self-defence knowledge. Learning how to avoid, de-escalate and escape from danger forms the foundation for all skills and techniques. If we cannot avoid, we must learn how to counter-attack and create opportunities to escape.

Street self-defence requires quick thinking and fast reactions, hence constant training is required to build the techniques into your reflexes, and to polish up your coordination, flexibility and stamina.

You will go through a realistic ‘attack and defend’ simulation exercise while being monitored. At the end of the programme, you will be more confident and you will appreciate your own strength and power to protect yourself when the worst cases do occur.


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