Self-defence Classes

Defensive Survival Instinct (D.S.I.) is different from other sports-based martial arts: there are no rules, no referees, no right or wrong. When it comes to fighting for our lives, there is only SURVIVAL. At U-Elite, self-defence is about utilising our survival instinct and the natural speed of our reflexes. Our goal is to bring out your hidden self-protection ability and work with you to strengthen it to its fullest.

Is Self-Defence important?

Singapore’s disciplined society and strict security measures make it a very desirable, safe and comfortable country to live in. Yet contentment with and dependency upon this perceived security can become our greatest threat because we may grow complacent and become less alert, inadequately equipped and with insufficient knowledge to defend ourselves and others should a situation develop requiring such action.

Moreover, the world is getting smaller with its advanced infrastructure. We can fly almost everywhere nowadays which in turn exposes us to even more threats from overseas territories which are more lax in their security measures.

It is important to equip yourself with basic self-defence knowledge.

What will I learn from the U-Elite’s Self-Defence course?

Initially our training emphasises the prevention of such attacks, and the concepts that underlie successful self-defence.

Thereafter, your reflexes will be conditioned; you will learn simple, practical yet powerful techniques. Strike at your opponent’s weakest points – fight smart! You will be taught how to inflict the greatest amount of pain on your assailant, thus buying time to escape. Do not waste time wrestling with your opponent as prolonged fighting challenges your stamina and increases the danger to your well-being.

Learn to make use of your everyday belongings such as keys as your defensive weapons.

As you progress to an advanced level, expect to be involved in situational training and ground fighting, where you will learn how to defend, react and overcome your tension and fatigue under realistic attack conditions. We place great importance on building up one’s stamina and endurance, pushing you to your limits as we believe it is a “never give-up” mentality – your doggedness – that will determine the outcome.

What are the benefits of participating in U-Elite’s
Self-Defence course?

  • You gain confidence and knowledge. You are prepared at all times!
  • You know how to react to various dangerous situations, be it in an enclosed
    environment, dim light conditions or even on the ground.
  • You become smarter and more alert.

Small Group Training

Our self-defence training is catered for small group basis. A new class can be arranged for a small group as small as 2 pax or even one-to-one personal training.  Let us know your preferred timing and we will arrange the class accordingly.  

How is our course different from others?

  • Designed By Former Special Forces Contact Tactics In-Charge.
    Our principal instructor is a fervent martial artist as well as a former Police Special Forces Contact Tactics In-charge. He understands that the skills he learnt from his martial arts are sometimes impractical in real life when dealing with criminals because there are no rules and no referee in street self-defence. We are on our own. Hence, our instructor put his years of knowledge and skills into designing a syllabus that is easy to learn and can be applied on a practical level in real life.
  • We Make It Simple.
    During an attack, your spontaneous reaction is crucial. Hence, we do not intend to teach you complicated movements and techniques, but instead we place the emphasis on strengthening and conditioning your natural reflexes. *
  • Effective Defensive Techniques On The Ground.
    In most cases, an attack will end on the ground. In addition, virtually all sexual assaults are completed on the ground. It is vital therefore, for females to learn how to defend and escape from a lying-down position.
  • Action-Based Training Method.
    Expect to be involved in attack simulation exercises rather than being limited to hitting non-moving targets. Your attacker will be a moving target after all, with the ability to react and counter your strikes whereas a dead weight or bag will not. Thus, we will focus on improving your flexibility, reflexes and alertness to possible threats.

* All techniques and skill require constant drill and practice in order for it to become effective and natural reflexes


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