Fitness and Self-Defence Training Centre

What our students say:

I waited for 2 years to join the PPP for ladies due to conflict in time schedule. I am thankful that Jean and I did not give up trying to find a time that fits. The course did not disappoint me at all. Now I understand the difference between martial art and self defence training. PPP is a programme that focuses on teaching all ladies a set of effective and practical street survival skills, maximising one’s chance to escape an assault. PPP not only taught me how to fight, but also taught me how to prevent being a victim and defend only when being attacked. In short, it is street-smart savvy techniques that are crafted for the normal “Jane”.



Though the class is indeed a self-defence course, we have sure gain much more than protecting and defending ourselves. My buddy classmates and I sure do agree that we found confidence within ourselves to face our fears and to be able to remain calm and in control, to discover insights of personal development and forging friendship and teamwork as well.

Oi Ee


Zackiee and Shamaine were very professional and approachable throughout the whole course and imparted many useful tips and techniques. I really felt that the course has benefited me greatly and would strongly encourage all ladies to attend!

Sim C.T.


I learnt the techniques of self-defence and found it very useful and practical. All ladies should learn and attend the Foundation course for their awareness.



I feel happy after each training. The instructor is very passionate in teaching and it motivates me to keep training. I like the high intensity of the training. It makes me feel great! I will recommend U-Elite’s Fitness Kickboxing programme to my friend and they will be more conscious about fitness.

Hui Xian

Fitness Kickboxing

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Street Defence regardless of your fitness level and age. The instructors are very experienced, approachable and more than happy to tailor the course to suit your level and ability. Thoroughly enjoyed every training session. Great Gym , fantastic people and very serious about their game.


Personal Training

Zackiee’s enthusiasm is infectious while his motivation is inspirational. I’ve had the privilege to witness some of his classes with youths and i come away encourages that we have such a fantastic role model to the youths in our society.


Personal Training

I feel healthy and happy after the training. What i like most of the training is the all rounded workout, including boxing, strength and defence and the friendly staff.


Fitness Kickboxing

What I like most about their lesson is they give clear explanation, instruction and demonstration on which part of the muscle we are working on and make sure we apply the correct technique during the lesson. Beside teaching fitness, they also teach us how to apply the kickboxing techniques for self-defence purpose.


Fitness Kickboxing


Corporate Engagement

Self-Defence For Air Crews
Self-Defence For Hospital & Healthcare
Control, Restrain & Arrest Tactics for Law Enforcer, Government
Self-Defence Course For Corporate, Executives and Employee Development
Team Building To Build Employee Bonding
Customised Seminar and Workshop for Corporate Clients

Personal Development

Self-Defence Training for Adults and Teenager
Fitness Training for Young, Adults and Teenager
Weight Management Program

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